olline agreement

Has anyone had any problem with the online agreement? when I put in my user name and password I get some funky error message. The error message gives all of my information like company name phone number address and so on but that is it. I am so confused ](*,) HELP


It works for me.

Make sure your using the proper password, Go here or here

MDB2 Error: already exists - _doquery: [Error message: Could not execute statement] [Last executed query: INSERT INTO nachi_sandbox.users SET legacyId = ‘12597’, firstName = ‘Robert’, initial = ‘D’, lastName = ‘Grizzle’, suffix = ‘Jr.’, company = ‘J&B Home Inspections Inc.’, address = ‘27934 Tarpon Terrace’, address2 = ‘27934 Tarpon Terrace’, city = ‘Little Torch Key’, state = ‘Fl’, zip = ‘33042’, country = ‘USA’, countryCode = ‘1’, phone = ‘7405509808’, phoneExtension = ‘’, fax = ‘’, faxExtension = ‘’, email = ‘1nitrox@comcast.net’, email2 = ‘’, website = ‘inspectorpages.com/rgrizzle’, notes = 'Applied online. ', username = ‘rgrizzle’, password = ‘***’, dateCreated = ‘1180929600’, lastModified = 1187807776] [Native code: 1062] [Native message: Duplicate entry ‘rgrizzle’ for key 2]

This is what it gives me…

It should work for you now. There was a descrepency in your user profile, but I fixed it. Let me know if you have any more problems.

That done the trick, u da man… Thanks