Olympics in Canada

Once aging Canada has gone above and beyond in this years Winter Olympics. Their uniforms are by far the most attractive and the whole sporting area is absolutely beautiful.

This is by far the best Winter Olympics I have ever seen. Thanks.:slight_smile:

I love Canada. Except for the anti-gun ethos. And the ObamaCare. Do they call it that there? And the confiscatory taxes. And the insane drivers.

Love the Cuban cigars, though.

Joseph anti gun? when i lived there i owned 32 long guns, just hand gun that are difficult to own. Insane drivers lol you should try west Knoxville the upscale part of Knoxville.

When I was there in November 2008, the big story was a kid being murdered by a bunch of ne’er-do-wells for his iPod. By knife. Had he had a gun OR had they NOT KNOWN that he did NOT have a gun because of Canada’s anti-gun ethos, he might still be alive.

Perhaps if this had happened in Philly, it wouldn’t have even made the news??

It would have . . . in section B, the Metro Section, in a side bar. Pretty much business as usual in this lawless liberal bastion. Had the victim blasted the criminal assailant, he would have been in very serious trouble.

We are living in a bizarro world.

amen to that!

Or perhaps more would have died in the cross fire.

Actually the amount of guns owned in Canada are about the same as the USA per per capita/population size. Yet less murder I think the reason would be not ever nut bar can carry a concealed hand gun. Little hard to conceal a shot gun . Do not get me wrong i think it should be a right to the person to carry a hand gun after at least of a back ground check.