Omit AC from inspection

A buyers wants an inspection but doesn’t want the HVAC or pool inspected. I mentioned it is part of the service but he was adamant. “Don’t need it.” So, can I exclude those sections from the report and still be following SOP? What is the best way to keep him happy and me covered?

Mr. and/or Ms. Client requested that the pool and AC not be inspected.
Please make sure that is in the report

What, are they trying to save $50?

I like it when they do that…NO discount just justified omissions.

It is not a discount situation. Just going by the “customer is king” motto but trying to cya.


You already are:

© Excluding systems and components from the inspection if agreed upon in writing by the inspector and client

On one of the pages in my inspection report:
Items excluded by person ordering report?Yes, HVAC and pool systems by request of the client.

Read your licensing law. Put it on your agreement and have him initial it.

I agree, it still takes a spot in the day, most folks understand that and its no biggie.

As requested, the HVAC system and components were not inspected. It is possible that defects exist that were not observed.

All sounds pretty good to me. Just make sure it is in writing and signed off somewhere.

A report is one sided. In order to properly protect yourself, those items should be in a separate statement in your contract. That way both parties have signed and agree to the exclusion.

Thanks - I added that to the contract before it being signed.