On a brighter note! Go Topless Day returning to Hampton Beach

HAMPTON — Supporters of the Free the Nipple movement will be seen removing their tops at Hampton Beach for Go Topless Day later this month, and town officials plan to show no opposition to their breast baring.

Go Topless Day is set for Saturday, Aug. 26, when women celebrating the Free the Nipple movement will remove their tops at gatherings around the world. Aug. 26 is also Women’s Equality Day. New Hampshire is one of 33 states where women can legally go topless in public every day of the year.

I’ll bet you will look at the photos…Yep!

I fully support those women’s right to go topless

Lol! Yep!:d

Nice to see that other parts of the country are interested in what is happening here in NH

Live Free or Die!