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Pre sale would be nice, however try getting a bank to do a pre on a bo home is like talking to wall…imo

“and stairs not being built to code”

They’re using that bad, bad, word. :mrgreen:

Also it’s nice to see this video out there and trying to convince sellers it may be to their advantage to get a pre-listing inspection. But using this inspection as an example and having issues with the beam, stairway, and tree, which combined will cost a few thousand to fix, will probably discourage many home owners that see this and they’ll gamble and wait for the buyers inspection.

It is going to take a few more than a couple of thousand to fix those issues.
The sagging beam was most likely installed as part of an illegal addition.
Wonder if permits were required where this home is located.
I see a Pandora’s box with this home.

As to the Seller not being home during the inspection, when he gets a copy of the report and the deal falls through, I suspect a rather large, expensive piece of jewelery is going to turn up missing!:o