On line IR Course

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I enjoyed this course. Excellent format, presentation and discussion.

Welcome to NACHI
Glad to have talked to you this week end.


Welcome to NACHI my friend… and congrats on passing the
Infrared Certified Training Course

It was a true honor and priviledge. John and I have been working on this for awhile.

Some want that teleconference model (and we are wodking to complete a PowerPoint version) and some want an in-person class (local).

It’s all about tailoring the course to the needs and quailifications of HIs.

To tell the truth, I learned as much from the students as they learned from me.

That is a teacher’s best reward.

Will, John… you guys are great.

Just paying back.

BTW: Where’s my $20,000 :mrgreen:

PLEASE NOTE: The above was a joke.

Glad it went so well guys, congrats!

Thank you Dom for all the hard work on the web site.
Thanks go to Will for helping develop so much of the course.
And three cheers to Nick for helping to promote it.
The members of the class were very sharp, and I was impressed.
Roy Cooke was very helpful in the class. Thanks Roy.
Looking forward to more…

Glad to have been there to meet some new HIs .
I enjoyed it from start to finish ,well thought out ,well planned and extremely well presented ,
Thanks again to Will and John and thanks for your encouraging words, John much appreciated.
NICK your thoughts and promoting sure does make for a great group of NACHI members .
NACHI We are the greatest for sure.


I have moved my post to the IR Forum
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You had the course. Check out the specs (on the manufacturer’s PDF).

At first glance, this looks like a pretty good camera. FLIR is going to a real run for their money. It seems to be a much better camera with a lower price than the B-Cam SD.

Things are looking up. Maybe Nick could contact them and have a rep at the Denver class.

5% of what? The absoulte temp reading? or the range? If its the range then that works out to 13.5°C.

My Understanging is the the Flir BCam SD is ± 2 °C over the entire range.

Am I correct?

We are not looking for temperatures we are looking for comparison from one area to another.
I think you did not read the whole sentance .it is
( Accuracy - ± 5 °C or 5 % (which ever is greater) )
I have moved my posts to the IR Forum