On-site help

Nick that looks great.

I would post there to tell you but do not wish to break the rules.


Smooth move great idea… Roy

cant hurt, i hope it helps out, when I’m on, I’ll give it a look.

I should be around a lot the next 2 months. It would feel great to be able to help someone in a real bind.

You know If the guy with the question leaves his phone number and continues on with his inspection it would give others time to actually reasearch it for him if we did not know the answer.

I think this is really going to save a few folks big time.

Good Idea mike. I will also try my best to contribute and help.


Let me be one of the first to ask a “what if”

Scenario: I’m at the inspection site doing onsite reporting.

The hot water heater has a burn stain at the TPRV. I can (through a mobile device) login to the message board, type in my question/concern

“Does anybody know what caused this? And is it a defect?”
I can even upload a picture for clarification.

I continue my inspection waiting for my phone to ring? or a replied text message? or do I have to log back on after a few minutes in hopes that the information is now there?

I will give someone a Hungry Home Inspector book if they start another thread about Recall Check in there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nick, The link to get instant notification is great but there is no instant notification listed to pick from the drop down menu. Can you guys fix it please.


we’ll have to see but i believe

  1. click the ON SITE HELP! in left menu
  2. you have to then click/start a New Post
  3. add the help request info and pic
  4. the rest/organizing by date/time will occur once you click Submit New Thread

as more postings occur, members will then be able to sort/utilize the drop down menus as they require
it’s as simple as any other post

No you dummy…read the directions…

I cannot speak for anyone else but if you put your phone number there and i could help I would call you right away instead of leaving the message or doing anything else. I have not checked what others are talking about but what could be easier.
I would likely post the info also when I had the time to help others but I would call you first.

Michael, I will be looking forward to your help.

great idea have you ever used it?

No sweat I would love to be able to save someones day. If I don’t know the answer and I am here with my foot above my heart and iced. I will do my best to research it for any of you all.

Maybe then i’ll get some love in this club :smiley:

I was being sarcastic :smiley:
Michael, there is a few I would get opinions on from here, but it would not be you. :slight_smile:

Don’t matter none to me. My answer is still the same. :smiley:

Just bustin your chops, it’s nice that your offering your help Mike :slight_smile:

It is great to have this on-site help sticky thread - thanks Nick (NACHI).

Just one thing, would it make more sense to make it ‘members only’ thread?