On site report?

Are any of you using Homegauge to deliver onsite reports? If so, how long did it take you to become proficient enough with HG to be able to offer that?

I don’t personally. I go home and finish them on my desktop. For me it’s faster with a mouse and keyboard. You could complete the report in the field but that’s how I do it.

When I started in 2009 I tried preparing and printing on site and it simply takes to long. After 2 or 3 hours inspection the client does want to wait another hour. I inspect with the HG companion and finish it when I’m back in the office.

Have you ever found something you have never seen before, or wern’t sure about during an inspection? How much time does onsite delivery allow to reach anything? Under promise, over perform.

Every single inspection. There is no way I would, single-handedly and in a reasonable time frame, ever be able to do an onsite report with the way I do inspections, and reports especially.

I print and present all reports on site. I have been doing it for years. I tried several types of report software, and all took too long. I developed my own, which I do on a lap top as I do each room, select, tap, and the narratives are installed by line item. Very quick. Most every inspection is 3 hours tops, including report time. Takes about 10 minutes to print. All pictures taken are downloaded to the lap top, shown to the buyer, and saved to a CD all onsite. No waiting for the agent or the buyer. That takes just seconds. I do no work at home after the inspection. I do some pre-filling out of the report before the inspection at home via MLS listing. With that info, you can do one third of the report before you even start. With HI software, updates cost money, pages take long to print, inserting pictures take time, etc. They all do not do what I need for my clients.