? on the cleanout?

this is the kitchen sink cleanout. Any ideas what has been attached to it? 2008 home.


the black rubber hose run’s about 4’ and then comes out of the ground & is open at the end.

Cheater valve(vent). The black hose is a supply line to keep the P trap filled with water.Weird way of doing it.

why on earth would someone do that? i mean, i understand of course that a p trap should have water. Did I miss something at the kitchen sink plumbing?

Richard…that’s an air-gap where the black hose enters the PVC. It is possible that is a water softener drain that was never hooked up. Was there a water softener or loop for a future installation of one in the garage?

Be my guess as well, Softener Brine Drain.

or the dishwasher drain.

Agree with an air gap/drain for a softener, disagree with the dishwasher drain… too small, and impractical.