On the National Certification

It would be nice to have more respect for the National Certification.
It disappoints me to think we all should except what CAHPI says is best for all Inspectors,
when they do not give very much information for us to make a decision.
This sounds to me like a monopoly for CAHPI.
It to me is more like a scam.
I put it right up there with Cold Fusion and we all know how well that works.
If you give CAHPI just a Little criticism they go into attack mode and say don’t you trust us.
Well I have some experience with CAHPI in the past.
Past experience has shown they could not be trusted then so why should I trust them now.
OAHI is making their members of the Board sign a declaration stating they will not take any information from the BOD meeting
out to the members.
With the amount of information that is comming out of CAHPI I would not be the least bit surprised
if they also have had their Committee members also sign a declaration.

I would sudjest to all Inspectors to read what they can on the National Certification and be very satisfied
on what you feel the out come could be the outcome for you and the other Home Inspectors in Canada.
Just remember no matter what you hear or have been told CAHPI can get their information posted in its entirety on the NACHI BB .
There has never to my knowledge been a time when it could not be posted here.
NACHI is for all Home Inspectors Members or Non members.
Where many Home Inspectors come to find true information .

The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I. Royshomeinspection.com
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

Roy, when you mentioned the word Monopoly, that stirred something up in me, and I am not impressed by the socialistic, SOCIALISM ( is a social and economic system (or the political philosophy advocating such a system) in which the economic means of production are owned and controlled collectively by the people. This control may be either direct, exercised through popular collectives such as workers’ councils, or it may be indirect, exercised through a State. A primary concern of socialism (and, according to some, its defining feature) is social equality and an equitable distribution of wealth that would serve the interests of society as a whole) methodology of the National Certification program.
I have been reading the Competition act, and want to highlight a few areas.


Purpose of Act

1.1 The purpose of this Act is to maintain and encourage competition in Canada in order to promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy, in order to expand opportunities for Canadian participation in world markets while at the same time recognizing the role of foreign competition in Canada, in order to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises have an equitable opportunity to participate in the Canadian economy and in order to provide consumers with competitive prices and product choices.
R.S., 1985, c. 19 (2nd Supp.), s. 19.


45. (1) Every one who conspires, combines, agrees or arranges with another person
(a) to limit unduly the facilities for transporting, producing, manufacturing, supplying, storing or dealing in any product,
(b) to prevent, limit or lessen, unduly, the manufacture or production of a product or to enhance unreasonably the price thereof,
(c) to prevent or lessen, unduly, competition in the production, manufacture, purchase, barter, sale, storage, rental, transportation or supply of a product, or in the price of insurance on persons or property, or
(d) to otherwise restrain or injure competition unduly,
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or to a fine not exceeding ten million dollars or to both.

So Roy, I think, if you read carefully, there is alot going on behind the scenes here, but I for one, will not stand for it.
I am preparing daily, a case against the National Certification, and am arranging a meeting for those interested in persuing this, so we can get together, and raise a little hell. Not unprepared, but fully armed.

Count me in. I am fed up with the whole process. Afetr getting the Canadian Members list from you I am about to make it available to anyone who is interested in getting a petition out to the Minister in charge and let the chips fall where they may.

We have to get organized and act quickly before this “pilot project” goes any further. Let me know what I can do to help.



Larry, I would appreciate that list if you can send it to me.

We need some face time in the near future. Let’s pick a central spot and get together.