On the news at 6PM

Well, I got a call at 10:15 to-day from channel 11 news in Hamilton and they wanted someone to talk to them about winterizing the home, so I said sure, and we are about to change out a furnace at my daughters house so they came to Brantford and did the shoot at her house. I put in a few plugs for NACHI but we will have to see what comes out after editing??:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Any idea what day it will be on TV.
> Good for you Chuck every little bit helps .
Roy Cooke

The reporter said to-day, as they did not have time to run it for the noon program.

Dont forget to get that up on youtube.

Well they did edit the way they wanted it and it was run at 6 and 11PM and was told by a friend in the am 6-9 , it is a start to some more I hope.