Once again about InspectVue

I use InspectVue for a number of years. This year I decided not to renew my subscription. When I purchased this software Keith Swift, who sold it to me at this time, told me that the yearly subscription is optional and that the software is mine forever to use. Now I cannot access any of my existing reports. Every time I try to open any of the existing reports, I get an error message: “PV software encountered problem and needs to close” I emailed Lorne Steiner, and his answer was that if I would have a subscription, he could fix it for me. This looks like a hand twisting to me. The fact that I did not renew my subscription should not prevent me from using the software. I can create new reports but I cannot access any of the existing reports. I have a suspicion that this is directly related to the fact that I did not renew my subscription. If so, it is too bad, and in my opinion is badly reflected on company’s reputation. I read many posts here about an attitude and poor support from PV Software but never experienced it myself before (maybe because I rarely needed any help with the software). Now I’m done with it.:twisted:

I lost my hard rive a couple of weeks ago and Called Lorne to retrieve my backed up software and libraries. He returned my call in about ten minutes and had me back up and running.

Sorry to hear about you loss Yuri, I try and save all my reports as a PDF on my backup hard drive. This info is too late for you though Buddy.

Home Gauge!

Many Inspectorview users have already switched over to Dominic, and from what I hear he long ago set up Home Inspector Pro to synchronize with Inspectorview for a painless switchover.

The software is yours forever. And, yes it’s true that the yearly subscription is optional. However, not having a subscription prevents you from obtaining updates, which are routinely put out by any software maker to fix bugs and enhance the program. Not having a subscription also prevents you from getting technical support, which is also routine in the software development industry (ANY type of software).

I’m not a fan of InspectVue, but I side with them on your complaint.