Once in a lifetime

Once in a lifetime chance tonight at 9:10:11 12-13-14 you could see a falling star as the Geminids meteor shower is predicted to be the best meteor shower of 2014

Wow, that’s cool.

I watched off and on between 9 & 10. It was pretty cool, but I only saw about 1/2 dozen shooting stars. More than I see most nights. Thanks for the heads up. :cool:

I didn’t see as many as were predicted either… Still a good watch!

Any action expected tonight. I looked at the link posted quite a few times for 10 min a pop or so and went outside a few times and saw nothing. How about you guys anyone see anything good or expect anything tonight?

From Geminids meteor shower - InterNACHI Inspection Forum http://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/geminids-meteor-shower-96571/#ixzz3LwE02Rf3

The best I have ever see has been between here and Bimini. Simply out of this world.