One for the sparkies..

Located on large apartment building wall (rear). Whoops forgot that cover…
This is within reach of anybody walking by.:frowning:


It might have been stolen. That looks like an antique.

Ya I agree Greg, I think someone stole the cover too.:roll:

Some screws were left …that’s what I don’t get… Rip it off but why put the screws back???:wink:

Hey Fella’s

Might have broken as the covers are much thinner and well it was removed and never replaced. I would venture to say that was what happned versus someone stealing got a streak of LB cover thieves in those florida parts

Other than the cover, did anyone notice the installation??

Piss poor installation if I may add. And the brick job s##ks.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I just have not seen an LB like that and wouldn’t have a clue where to find that cover if I needed one. Someone might have said “I know where one is”

I wasn’t sure that was real brick. It looks like some kind of fake brick covering like you see in resturants.

Personally I think the LB was their before the 'BRICK" word was done and this is the problem. They just went right around the LB.

That’s real Chicago common brick Greg. That building most likely had gas lighting when it was built back in them days…:smiley:

I posted another picture of this wall with a coal chute hatch on the outside…

Notice the LB on the left side just out of the frame next to the chute…:wink:


They must have used the same masons who built the Berlin wall. It sure doesn’t look like the kind of craftsmanship I would expect in a union dominatd area like Chicago. I am guessing the mortar was a retro “repointing” job but the bricklayer didn’t seem to own a string line.


The city has an influx of “questionable qualified contractors”…( I use this loosely)…:D:D

The trades are losing their trained union pro’s to these low balling clowns…:mad:
Skills are disappearing because everybody is concerned with upfront costs and not future repair maintenance costs…

Real estate “flippers” are a huge part of this problem… Band aid now and screw the quality… The next sucker can pay for it…:roll:

Along comes the home inspector and whaaaaat’s this…mess…Shut up home inspector your killing my deal…:mad: Randy Realtor is making his 5 million dollars sales figure this week…:twisted:

Then we get questioned on our findings… Your just a home inspector moron that is a nuisance in the process… Sell them the “lean too” with deck for 1.5 million:D:D:D

BBQ on the wooden deck folks?? Sure… Watch out for the wires, Johnny they are just in the way!!:shock:


Looks more like mastic to me then mortar.
Same around the coal shoot, Caulking wipe it down with a wet finger makes it smooth.
Roy Cooke Sr

Very true Roy, but if the installation would have been done right to begin with, the caulk joint would be hardly visible.

Try us a little soapy water blend to slick this polyurethane base caulk joints. It works wonders and looks as professional as a Professional.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: