One for the wind mit gurus

It does not matter for this client as all other openings are unprotected BUT would you say this door is now ruined for getting insurance discounts?

I have to say yes even though it likely would not make any difference. Please let me know what you all think?

door sticker.jpg

door sticker.jpg

hole door.jpg

Could go either way I suppose depending on who might see it. I didn’t see anything:-;;

I always submit a pict of the garage door to prove what is there.

Kind of hard to miss that one? I would like to if it mattered but is it ruined as I believe it is?

Would be a major homeowner f-up if it did.

One cool mailbox…

Big enough :slight_smile: Never fill that one.

It’s all in the camera angle;-)

Technically the door has been altered which would nullify the approval. However, being so small, it may not show up in the photos. Kind of like that gray area with cat doors.

I wouldn’t pass it as is. Tell the client to get a nice piece of steel and bolt it to the door covering the opening then pass it.

What does the sticker say? :wink:

Just have them put some of that High Velocity Zone - Gorilla Duct tape over it;-) Nascar and NHRA use it for 160 mph + speeds:p

Even w/o the design pressure label, that door does not have enough horizontal bracing to qualify as meeting today’s residential codes. It’s most likely the original unit installed during construction, so based on the door photo alone, I’d bet it’s as old as the home.

PS: The ole builder’s “rule of thumb” is you never perform on-site alterations to any engineered product w/o an Engineer’s letter of approval for said alterations. :wink:

It is not currently an issue due to nothing else is protected but I do not believe a re-inspector would accept anything less than an approved product. Any citizens re-inspectors out there?

Is it approved? If so, who is to determine how much the mail slot will effect the door? I know I can’t.

I cannot either but typically when things are modified or altered they lose whatever credibility they gained from testing as the door or one like it was never tested when modified in that way.

Someone mentioned catdoors, I mark them and dog doors as unprotected. Wind certainly will penetrate.

Be careful we may see a new form for ratings on mail slots and doggy doors:mrgreen:

I was just typing the same thing Will! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what they say:D and I learned a thing or two in the military about Government paperwork.:roll:

If the dogie door is in an hurricane door I would consider it an un-protected opening. Sucks for client but it is what it is.


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