One for the wind mit gurus


Not quite sure why you have a brochure for Martin doors when this about a DAB door. And I couldn’t find anything in the (expired) NOA about the optional mail slot, but the flood vents are in there. Just sayin…not that I would flag this on a reinspection. @Mike, I was a reinspector for almost two years.


I was pointing out that there are some garage door manufacturers that make doors that are rated with mail slots. If it is a hurricane rated door, one cold conclude that other doors could also accommodate a mail slot and still retain their rating.
As to the expired noa, it has been superseded.

I personally would say it is fine, mainly because I have no data saying it isn’t.

I have also e mailed DAB to see what they have to say. I’ll post any information.

Mike, did you research the product approval to see what it is rated for?

Impact? Wind only?