One heck of nice Canadian site.

Not only that he is a great guy need help ??? ask.

Chuck is a great person and deserves what he gets and all the rewards that go with it .
Roy Cooke

Any idea how much he charges for an inspection? I couldn’t find it anywhere on his site…:wink:

That is what the contact info is for!!

Do you think we should put our logo on the home page??:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you have to ask…

You can not afford him…

The Best Inspectors rarely post their fee schedule…

I hope his minimum is over $375! I list my prices and people seem to be able to afford me and I am a good inspector, guess I am an exception because I am special. :wink: :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t get a lot of cold calls here without it…
I think it depend on what those in your ‘area’ do,
or maybe its just the “best inspectors” that don’t…:slight_smile:

The idea in my opinion is not to provide a lot of info on home inspections on your website. After all you are giving away free info. Info you have worked hard and long for. The idea in my opinion is to have your website entice people to call you. Once you have them on the phone, good conversational skills, along with selling techniques will cinch the deal in most everycase.

Just maybe it is so cheap and underqualified I am scared to list my prices!:mrgreen: </IMG>

The page looks clean and informative. Links to most things of interest.
If you can’t find it on the site give chuck an e-mail, always willing to help.

Patrick Young - Complete Inspection Services -

Sent Roberta my company logo and she is going to put it on my home page, let me know what you think of it!!thanx:D

Yea, the logo is a little too large, we are working on it!!

Nice looking site. Don’t mean to be negative, but, it’s not totally a Canadian site. Just a couple things I noticed. It makes reference to The American Dream, America’s elite inspectors, etc. Mould is spelled the American way (mold). Very informative site. All the best! Doug

Doug wrote " Mould is spelled the American way (mold). " I think I got all that I could changed ,thanx, Maybe the American should be North American??

Doug, I decieded on (Canadian) American dream. How does it look?:neutral:

I think your site looks GREAT! If your happy with (Canadian) American dream, leave it. My opinion is that your a Canadian company inspecting homes in Canada. I would at least get rid of the brackets() & put Canadian & American dream. Though my first thought would be drop the American. No disrespect to our Southern Neighbours, it’s just we live in Canada . Just my 2 cents. All the best! Doug

I have to agree with Doug.

Then I would not be able to use the quote, yes / no?:frowning:

Don’t know why not. It’s The Canadian Dream … sounds good to me! You can quote me on that. (ha ha) Doug