One Hot Furnace

It was a nice warm attic inspection :wink:



That problem is very visible without the IR:(

“Problem? What problem? It’s worked fine for over 35 years!”

Is that insulation remnants on the vent connectors?

It’s not “remnants.” Most of the B-vent was actually wrapped like this. The top half of the vertical portion was not wrapped.


I don’t know what the heck you have been doing lately, but where in the hell are the Zinsco, Federal Pacific, Sylvania panel photos?

I’m jones-in for a IR image of something cookin-----:-;;

You have been slacking off lately…or been lucky, what ever the case may be…:lol:

I’ve actually been compiling photos for an upcoming trial where a Sylvania panel has been blamed for burning down a home. I’ve been hired as a consultant and expert wittness for this case :mrgreen:

If I get permission, I’ll post them after trial, which is currently scheduled for May '08.

OMG…now that’s a good one ole buddy…:smiley:

I wondered what the heck the problem was, no “Zinsco’s cookin pictures”, now it’s clear as the air in LA…:smiley:

Nice Image…what a energy guzzler, eh!