One inspection a day - consistently

So I’ve pretty much got inspections on my mind everyday now. Just trying to figure out if getting one inspection a day (5 per week) 50 weeks a year (250 per year) on average is a realistic goal.

I live about 30 minutes north of Tampa, FL in what is basically the suburbs. It’s a pretty densely populated area with a lot of residential neighborhoods. I imagine this would make it a good area for inspections.

I’ll talk to local inspectors as I get closer to certification but wanted to pose the questions to you all first.

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Every market is different. You are describing the work schedule of a seasoned well established home inspector. Best of luck.


Ideally this would be a gradual build over about 5 years.

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You should be able to do that, Brett… :smile:

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The Florida real estate market has been on fire for several years. Lots of transactions, and the Gulf Coast is booming.
If your good at what you do, do it consistently and correctly, you can be busier than that, if you want the work and put in the effort.

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It’s crazy how much home building is going on. Lennar must be making billions. I hope this boom doesn’t turn into a bust. Thanks for the insight Dominic.

Attend the chapter meetings and you’ll benefit from other experienced members.
Tampa Bay Chapter Monthly Meetings

Thank you Richard, that’s right in my backyard.

Only two weeks vacation? Yikes!

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I figure if I get really good then every work day will be a half day!

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You might self combust doing 5 inspections a week properly. Be careful what you wish for and charge accordingly.
Do more. Charge more. Work smarter.

Will do, appreciate the insight. I only know enough to know what I don’t know…or something like that.

I’ve seen some videos of guys doing about 2.5hrs of inspection and then a half hour onsite report writing. From what I’ve read here it doesn’t seem to be the norm though.

Brett - I did 108 inspection my first year, however the first 6 months accounted for about 15…It was bleak to say the least. Once you are good to go, use that down time for practicing and getting comfortable with your software and an inspection routine, and getting your name established with some agents. That initial hump is a challenge. I guarantee you, they will not come knocking on your door until you earn the respect and establish a confidence with agents that will gladly refer you. Some business will come from google, and some will come from referrals. Try to be as available as possible and bend with time requests because clients just want to get through the process and will call the next inspector if you cannot get them on the schedule they are on.

I doubt the product of this process would be thorough, specific, or impressive. I agree with Robert. A thorough inspection takes time. A detailed report takes time. A 1,000 SF home can easily take me over 3 hours. Most reports that take me several hour to write. I caption every photo. I edit narratives to fit every inspection and callout locations. I research installation requirements for different appliances when necessary. I often end up reading through various code publications to determine if something I saw is allowable. This is why I’m always skeptical of inspectors that do multiple inspections a day. 2 is exhausting. I don’t think 3 is possible, yet some do it… It’s up to you how much you put in, but I can tell you that many of the realtors that refer their clients to me do so specifically because of the effort and detail I put into inspections and reports.

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I am a new inspector and although I am in California, one inspection a day is posing some issues to me personally because it is a lot to take in- especially with my mentor barking at me! Otherwise, when I have it on lockdown one per day will be perfect. Consider the report, assuming you give report by email. We give detailed reports within 24 hours so including time to write the report, a day would be about 5-7 hours. With a two inspection day plus reports, that is a lot of work! However, I am getting the hang of it day by day and am confident I will want to take on two inspections a few days a week!

Thanks for the responses guys. I’d probably be happy with one a week for the next few years while I’m still working full time at the other job.

My boss is the same way. no corner is cut and it shows through everything he includes. he takes time to even proofread it a time or two!