One month after move in

Client sent this estimate 2 months after the inspection and one month after the move in. Water was on during inspection, pressure was documented as normal 65 psi. Water heater showed no signs of prior or present leakage as well as no drains backed up during the inspection. All sinks, toilets and showers were operated as per the SOP and all drains observed to be functioning normally and documented in the report. Client states water is coming from under the concrete floor in the utility room area where the laundry and water heater are located. As you can figure they are suspecting that I missed something. Any thoughts as how I should respond? Bill

My thoughts:
You can explain to your client how you tested & arrived to your conclusion of the plumbing system, also explaining that it is impossible for you to replicate the load that a family living in the home will put on the system. (Especially if a cloths washer was not present)

The invoice does not indicate an identified problem but rather gives them a price on work that they think might fix the issue that they have not identified.

You can suggest that your client get a sewer scope to help identify the issue before throwing money at work that may not be appropriate or necessary.

If you would care to attempt to nip this in the bud, you could explain all of this to your client & offer to pay for the sewer scope with the caveat that they sign a release. Also, contact your insurance provider.

Once they sent you that invoice with costs it is a claim & you must quickly submit it to your E&O insurance carrier.
Assuming you do have E&O, they will probably have some type of claims assistance to guide you how to respond.
**note: How were you able to determine the is water coming from under the concrete floor? Do you have X-ray vision from two months ago? :wink:
Sounds like a hidden defect you have no liability for.
I would not offer any type of help or money.

The invoice does not say any work was performed, just a suspicion.
So… they look to you, anyone for the defect they are stuck with.
Ahhhhh… … … the pleasures of home ownership.

Yes… I do have E & O. The homeowner sent me some photos of the utility room floor, and that quote. Thanks

Hopefully your E&O has a ‘pre-claims’ process. I have sent mine a couple of situations ‘prior to responding to the client’!! They review the client complaint, any documentation/photos from the inspection and/or the client, and give a recommendation on how to respond, along with how they would proceed if the client does in fact continue with the claims process. If your E&O has that, use it! It doesn’t go on your “permanent record” and it can nip potential claims before they start.

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