One of the problems, incompetence by quite a few home inspectors on leaky basements

7:00 mark, you already know there will be moisture intrusion because… the GRADE?

11:30 same house, inside… so it’s all because of the grade and could NOT possibly be that some exterior waterproofing of that wall is needed? REALLY?

14:40 next house, inside, a corner… has mold etc… so NO chance, no possibility that some or all the water isn’t getting in due to an exterior cracks or other direct opening in the house/B wall etc, just all about grading huh?

17:40–17:50 ish next house, again…lol, so NO possibilty that there may be an exterior crack in wall, at neat corner or opening(s) under/around that door etc??? Just better drainage huh?

19:35 same house, SUMMARY…

  1. repair grading
  2. install ext-drainage
    3.install int-drainage

NO chance there may be 1 or more cracks in wall or other openings into house that can allow water in? You don’t want to bring up this possibilty huh? Just grade, drainage huh? PFT!!!

29:40 next joint, see F-wall inside? He says, 'Moisture and efflorecence coming through wall"

… his SUMMARY, excuse me, the EXECUTIVE summary…
—repair drainage AND exterior wall

well lol, what does THAT mean? What are you saying?

You saying exterior waterproofing done and backfilled correctly of this area or you talking about playing games?

Sure sure sure, try n divert some water away, FINE!!! But you are NOT giving peeps watching this video or the CLIENTS everything they need to know about leaky basements/crawls, nope!

THE GRADE huh? nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnonsense!!!

They recently bought this house, had home inspection! haha

Do YOU see that the grade was RAISED along this wall?
Can you see much of the basement windows??? loollolll smh

Did raising the grade SOLVE the leaky basement?
Did the home inspector deduce, identify how, where water was entering? Lost in space you are.

You are NOT helping your clients of this subject, you are hurting them, costing them MONEY!!!

inside basement, same area as shown on the outside in 1st video

the home inspector was either blind, stupid or just didn’t give a crap about his clients – happens all the time! How do i know? lolollll Because we see this exact incompetent CRAP decade after decade and its the buyers who wind up having to pay $$$ to get the actual EXISTING problems fixed when it should have been caught n called out by the home inspector and then fixed by the seller or have 'em lower the asking price

‘inappropriate behavior’ by home inspectors costing buyers $$$

Good seeing you back again Mark. I always enjoy your videos and posts!

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Everything Mark posts on basements, cracks, waterproofing, raising the grade don’t help when the wall has cracks and leaks, is all accurate and informative information that I have done myself in the past. It don’t matter how he puts it across, one can learn from his business.
Thanks Marc for the hard work you do so others that want to learn, will.


hello Joe and Marcel, hope you guys doing a-okay!