One of you should register the domain name

ASHI and NAHI are merging to try to acquire enough critical mass to compete with InterNACHI.

That is funny as hell Nick, sounds like a disease to me.

Let’s look at some facts:

Ø Scumbag NAHI allows it’s inspectors to do repairs to homes they inspect.
Ø ASHI allows inspectors to be members in less than 60 seconds and complete 250 inspections on unsuspecting consumers without verifiable proof of training or an entrance exam.

What a combination!!

Drinking the Kool-Aid straight now, Maryo?

Perhaps what is needed is an intervention and de-programming in your case.

Anybody smell the stench? WOW it just hit me, it smells like crap, it must be the macnasshole posting his BS again!:shock::roll:

Was that his place that pigpen you inspected the other day that you posted on the Canadian forum??? :p:p:p

Hi Linas,

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BTW His days are numbered here on the NACHI MB I believe he is done here on Sat., can you give the macnasshole some red rep please.:wink:

I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if was worth doing Nick would already have done it.


If anyone registers a domain that has a trademark or copyrighted name in it and then tries to sell it, they can get in big trouble. Ask the geeks that did that back in the 80’s with many large corporate names.

Possibly trouble by just registering it but you would have to ask a patent atty about that.

Compete for what?

I was thinking the same thing!:mrgreen:

I don’t understand why you would be concerned with this.:shock:
The only thing a merger would do is join an additional 1000 or so experienced inspectors together, and give them an additional 1/2 mil$, or so to better our profession.

How can that even come close to competing with a HI org that has angels to help them out??:roll:

What has ASHI and NAHI ever done to better our profession? Hell, what has any home inspector association ever done besides provide “benefits” from preferred vendors buying the association clout to advance their agendas (licensing to create demand for their test teaching facilities, CE requirements to increase demand for their overpriced 101 level seminars, etc.)???

Hi Mario,

I’ve always respected you as a person and professional so I’ll respond in the same manner. :wink:

When I submitted my 250 reports to ASHI for ‘verification’ I too thought it was just a gimmick. Well, I thought wrong. Not only did several clients tell me that ASHI called them but I received a call from ASHI about two of my reports about not inspecting according to the Illinois SOP. Yes it’s no big deal but someone called me on it and someone called my clients to make sure I was at least there.

I don’t quite understand ‘verifiable proof of training’. Threre is no such thing as home inspection training per se. All I know of is education and ride alongs.

In states that have licensing there is a required test (yeah, good ole NHIE) ;-). I personally found the NHIE more difficult than the NACHI exam but that’s just me.

I will not participate in a pissing contest with others who will be responding. There are pros and cons to both associations no doubt, but speaking for my self only, I found it much harder to become an ASHI member (and continue to be one) than a NACHI member.

My NACHI membership is about to expire and after about 5 years (with misc. departures) :shock: I have never once had to submit anything to NACHI about membership compliance. I cannot renew with ASHI each year without verifiable proof of CE’s.

I am not bashing NACHI as it has been fun, but ASHI has been good to me too. I know that by the time this thread ends ASHI will be blamed for the world economy and hidden missle silos in the Korean peninsula.

Erol, you are talking about “full” membership in ASHI. To join you don’t have to do any inspections to SOP or pass any exam or anything. All you need is a valid credit card. Here, check their shazam online application yourself:

Most of the diploma mills out there, in any industry, not just the inspection industry, have no entrance requirements either (other than a valid credit card).

Being able to join a so-called professional society, online, in 35 seconds, with nothing more than a VISA card, is the text book definition of diploma mill.

Not bashing… just mentioning a fact about diploma mills.

Your are right Nick, that an Associate Member can use a credit card to join. The difference is he is not touting himself a Certified Home Inspector to the public. No inspector likes to be tagged an ‘Associate’. This is a big difference between the credit card process when joining a club.


The feeling is mutual, I also respect you. I’m not bashing any ASHI Home Inspectors; I have respect for some ASHI inspectors, but not the org.
NACHI has 2 levels of membership, 1 is a full member (verifiable inspections) and 2 just a member. It’s not up to NACHI as an association to verify it’s up to the individual inspector (member) to provide these reports and have them verified; anyway I don’t want to get into that.
I have been a member of NACHI for 3 years now and I can remember 3 years ago taking a defect and recognition course with OAHI (an ASHI north association) and the instructor was ridiculing all NACHI members! Why? I suspect that NACHI has set the bench mark for all associations and is now exceeding it and they can’t keep up! I paid good money to take this course and the last thing I wanted or needed was an ****hole instructor wearing an ASHI tie and shirt ridiculing NACHI.
I wish you the best with your business and with ASHI but clearly ASHI is not for me (and not for everyone) and never will be. If we ever meet, I will get into it more but that’s all I have to say here on this MB as far as my opinions on ASHI are concerned.

Well, their “certified” category is nothing to brag about either. Not a full blow diploma mill I agree, but nothing too good. Let’s look at their 3 requirements for their top professional designation:

  1. Only a few of the 250 are reviewed and they aren’t reviewed to determine if the inspection was any good or not. They are reviewed to see if the report generation complies to SOP. Pretty meaningless.

  2. Unethical inspectors pass ethics quizzes with flying colors by simply giving ethical answers. It doesn’t make the test take ethical. Meaningless again.

  3. The NHIE is a “minimum” standard exam (their ajective, not mine). It is used by several states to license newbies fresh out of school. Hardly an exam a professional association would use for their top designation. Meaningless again.

Not to mention that they send the newbie out to do 250 inspection before
requiring any test, any education or qualifications on a public that looks
at them a belonging to ASHI. Nothing to brag about.

You need to come out from your igloo for a little while :roll::roll:
Where do you think HI SOP’s came from?

How do you think the public’s been made aware of the value of hiring a private HI before buying a home?

Who do you think got the wording on Real Estate Contracts to make the public aware that a Home appraisal is different than a HI?

Who said only a few of 250 are reviewed? Don’t lie about my comments.

You call NHIE a newbie test while a part time waiter can have his construction buddy take the online NACHI exam.

The message board may be new but things will never change…