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Wind mit you check one or more glazed opening is not protected. Do you attach a letter explaining which one doesn’t? I was told today that the ispector typically attaches a letter and diagram showing which one or ones do not have protection.


I have just started to add a note on the wind mit form that states what window did not have protection (when it is only one or two windows), and I include a picture – This is more for my agents then the underwriters. for instance, if the garage man door has one of those slider windows, i state that “the garage man door had glazing with no storm protection” — The agent can then inform their client that if he gets protection on that window, then he can get the discount. Its above the call of duty, but good business practice IMHO

I give a picture and the size of the window. The most preferred covering the instalaltion instructions and the cost of typical shutters that are conducive to the look of the residence. I name the maker of the window, its present rating…

OK…Just joking. If its one, I mention where MAYBE two, but thats it and the reason why is when they call back its easier for me to check!

Same here

Letter and diagram…No


It minimizes the calls from agents asking “What’s not covered?” and (as mentioned above) it is helpful during reinspections.

I had one that half the house FL approve storm panels, a few awning, and the 3 man doors with glass and no protection. I included pictures of approve shutter with approval and picture of an opening, picture of awning shuttered window, and picture of unprotected door with window. Seemed like the pictures explained it all but I guess I will include a letter from now on.

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I provide an inventory of all openings and type of protective device and rating, unless there is no opening protection. I dont make a diagram. If it has all openings protected except the front door, garage door, and a glass block… I will check off at least one opening protection and type in the space below(For example)
1.All windows protected with MDCA/LMI rated accordion shutters.
2. Not rated garage door verified.
3. Glazed unprotected front door verified.
4. Unprotected glass block.

There will also be pictures and diagrams of all features, so no questions are necessary.

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No notes, less info (underwriters are from a different planet) is best.

What are you inspectors doing when the homeowner puts that shutter up or chenges the garage dr and ask you to go back out (within a month) to reinspect the missing protection. Are you charging or …

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