One Person Operations.

What prevents you from doing a scheduled inspection? i.e. illness, weather, emergencies. How do you handle it? One person operations only.

Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

Make some friends in the industry , It works both ways .

An ice storm once and a couple blizzards over the years have led to reschedules.
Illness not once.

But Roy is right, have a backup inspector to work with, and you’ll need to refer someone when you take a vacation.

Yup I help a few and a few help me. Normally enough work around to be friendly with the competition and even work with them sometimes. It is also nice to call someone you know is good to help you out on large jobs.

Most people understand when you have a real problem as you are only human.

I have tried over the last 10+ years to have someone to refer inspections to when I was hurt or had to make an emergency out of town trip. In 3 instances, the inspectors I thought might do a good job, did not perform to the standards my clients and some agents have come to expect. When you refer someone, it reflects on you and your business, so make sure you have seen their work, and know a little about them before putting your reputation on the line. Meet with them, have coffee or a beer, and “test” them on their opinions and methods. Good luck.

Good advice and that is basically what I do. I know and have met anyone I send to represent my company.

Kidney stone back in August made me move an appointment. Luckily the folks understood and were more than gracious to accommodate. Had a back up to refer if need be. As others have said, works both ways.

A heart attack, worked 1 1/2 days after the event (thought it was heartburn), finally had to leave a job site in the middle of an inspection I was feeling so bad. Missed a month. That was 3 years ago and all is well.

Yikes! I’m very glad to hear you’re ok now Mark!

Thanks for the responses. Definitely a good idea to have other inspectors to work with.

Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

When I want to take an vacation I like to tell my clients or referral sources that I am booked up and my next available time is _____. We try to never schedule time away from our business longer than seven days. I have only missed one inspector for illness in 27 years and three from weather. If I cannot come neither can my client or referral source.

In the world of instant gratification and instant access this still works. It is still always good to have friends to help. The challenge is, they have to be good friends. You do not want them to poach any of your referrals. I try to have friends who were really good but just outside of my coverage area. This way we could be excellent help to each other with conflicts.