One reason why some drywall needs to be removed in leaky basement situations, yep!

‘By the time she discovered the crack, her one year warranty had expired!’

Apparently they tried several CHEAP, STUPID supposed fixes before some drywall was REMOVED.
Eh, that’s why when my dumb azz isn’t sure, i explain to homeowners… hey look, it’s best for YOU to remove some of this drywall in order to help identify your stinky problem. Some do remove it, some look at me and think i’m frigging cRaZy loololllll

Drywall removed, ‘She finally understood the cause of her mysterious puddles, 6’ crack’

She said, “The cement was actually crumbling, you could fit your whole hand in there in some places”

Man, Mark, what some developers will do, eh?..“shaking head.” :flushed:

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yes sir Larry, you and others here have seen the crap man, and it continues, just like the bullshtt from interior basement drainage system companies continues.

Folks, sheesh, when these nitwit INT system chumps come over they don’t wanna remove drywall, one reason is because if you do, you may just have 1 or 2 leaky rod holes or just one crack in wall like this lady, those are small jobs, no MONEY!!! They want to sell you as much as possible which is most often a FULL INT perimeter system even when you just leak in one area, dang skippy.