One Teacher against the Invasion

Hello All Certified Master Inspectors

I have been wondering how I will attack this Holmes Inspection invasion in SSM On. Nick and the crew at “InterNachi” have been brainstorming and have come up with a solution. “Teachers” We as an organization have been doing this just not in a classroom setting as much. I am looking forward to putting the effort in to make this a success. Like I said in my posts before this is a invasion by the “Mike Holmes Group” and my city has fallen for his charm. Since this an attack against InterNachi I will need all the ammo I can find. Please e-mail me or post anything you can find about this invasion.
“Looks like we are all going to have to step up to the plate to knock this one out of the park”

why don’t you apply to teach the course seeing as you already have experience? It is my understanding that the teachers have not been hired yet. I am also not sure why you keep calling it the Mike Holmes School (course) He has nothing to do with it other than endorsing (yes, that is how it is spelled) it.

It seems that no one is prepared to accept the fact that Mr. Holmes is nothing more than a very instinctive promoter who knows how to keep his name successfully in the news - and/or to attract viewers to watch his staged TV shows.

I suspect that he is doing nothing for nothing. That includes his appearance in TV commercials trying to raise funds for orphaned children in Africa.

I am certainly not in agreement with his attacks against Canadian home inspectors in general - but I agree that several of his critical comments have validity. However - the one and only remedy to minimize the impact of his critiques is to simply ignore the tattooed guy in overalls.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Retired Home Inspector - Toronto

It is called the “Mike Holmes Group”
I was already approached to be part of this but it goes against being a InterNachi Inspector.
In fact it goes against all Inspector associations.
Fallow the thousands of posts and you will see why.