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Jamie Pina,
Sir, it’s a… HOLLOW block wall(s) so patching and painting the inside does nothing, zip, zero.
Part one, short video -----------

Part deuce, the next day after patch attempt--------

Where do soooo many people get BAD information on basement waterproofing…? Hmmmmmmmmm, yeah we know although some homeowners do come up with their own rookie-ideas, supposed fixes

The water will CONTINUE to get into the hollow block wall even if you try patching the ENTIRE WALL. Your problems are on the exterior of the block wall and–or above the block wall… as in the following video
In particular, 2 corners here,
:10 mark and 3:30 two corner cracks and other exterior openings that allow water into the hollow block wall

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Chris Padgett, leaky basement, one area under front deck

1:40 leaky area outside

3:15 leaky area inside

Raising and sloping the grade, the soil, is ok to do but it doesn’t repair/waterproof anything, nada, zip… so like you guys and MANY other homeowners who have EXTERIOR openings in their block basement wall, you need to waterproof the EXTERIOR of that–part of the wall, where you like.

Raising the grade etc did NOT… find/determine your actual problem nor did it keep all water away from, off–of your basement wall, where you have exterior openings etc in the wall.

Some water that is diverted further away on the surface still goes INTO the soil, and it goes sideways and down… it moves through the soil in all directions including UNDERNEATH a raised grade or underneath driveway slabs etc.

2 of our videos that show the inside of a basement, and where the homeowners were getting water in… and the outside of the same area where the water was FIRST getting into the hollow-blocks, plus a photo album… click any photo to enlarge that photo.

Video, inside leaky basement

Video outside… the water got into the hollow-blocks through these EXTERIOR cracks, gaps etc… and most of these were not visible on the inside of basement

Photo album leaky basement… in particular see photos 1–8 they are very similar to YOUR problem/leak…