"One year-guaranteed" termite inspection

I’ve seen this offered by home inspectors, who also charge a higher fee for a guaranteed termite inspection vs. non-guaranteed. Does NACHI offer a program like this? If not, how can they do this? Thanks!

What State are these Inspectors in that offer this?

As for a termite guarantee that is trouble waiting to happen depending on your national location. Michigan (your State) is classified as a slight to moderate chance of termite infestation. Some States have no probability of termite infestation. The further South you go the higher the risk. From about the Eastern 1/3 of Texas and across to Florida is considered a very heavy probability of termite infestations and we have some very nasty termites here.

Unless you run a pest control company then offering any type of termite guarantee can eat you alive on costs for an unexpected infestation. It’s certainly not a good thing for INACHI to even consider but hey NG might have a different thought on that!

In this state you need a pest control business license to offer termite “service plan” warranties.
State Lic Termite Operator #2446
State PC Business License #JB5097