"One Year Warranty Inspection"

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I hope I am on the correct message board site. I am a new inspector. In fact, I just did my FIRST inspection last week. I just had a person call who wanted an inspection before her “one year warranty” was up on her house, as the company who built it was going to offer a walk-through. Mainly my question is, how do I do a warranty inspection? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. How do I figure out if Colorado is in line with code on AFCI (i.e. since 2002)? Thank you in advance

Regards, Greg

Call the AHJ and ask.


Code officials…city county, the areas you inspect in.

AHJ = Authority Having Jurisdiction

My advice would be to disregard code, per se, and do your inspection as you would any other in accordance with the SOP.

Gregg, this might help you out, good luck.


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Ask Wendy she has all the answers! Yes they are required.

Man, you must really be hurting to attack someone without provocation.

Start off by getting a copy of the builders Warranty and do the inspections with those items in focus. along with the normal SOP.


It appears that Denver County currently follows the 2003 “I” Codes. That would mean that a home constructed in 2005, most likely, would require AFCI protection.

The majority of CO Counties follow the 1997 UBC (http://www.access-board.gov/links/state-colorado.htm) which would not require AFCI protection.

This list may be old, so you should call the county official in your area.

See what the client wants, then look for anything you can find. Check ventilation in the crawl and attic - we lack decent forthought here in CO.

Even some of Colorados “Podunk” counties (not all of them) have started requiring AFCI protection in the “sleeping areas”. Get the AFCI tester, or at least try the test button on the breaker.