Online agreement and Yahoo

Has anyone had a problem when sending an online agreement to a yahoo account?

I sent one to a client and the
is not an active link like it is here.

Sent it to a Yahoo account that I have and the same thing. Link is not an active one making the client highlight, cut and paste into address bar.

There is no difference between sending someone a live link to click on, and having someone enter the live link in their address bar.

I suspect you didn’t send them to

Send it to me now at

I forwarded the email sent from the online agreement system to my Yahoo email account to you Nick.

On my computer

the address to the agreement in the Yahoo email is just an address but not a clickable link

I have Tim and Chris looking into it. Any properly formatted link you send to anyone should be live (clickable).

I have not had any trouble I just have to tell my clients if they have yahoo to look in there spam. I just sent off 30 minutes ago, she signed it and bam it was back to me in a matter of minutes all though the online agreement system. Works great here. Keep up the good work Nick