Online Agreement is broke!!!

I have tried sending an inspection agreement to a client several times today and he keeps calling back saying he hasn’t recieved it yet. I just tried sending myself a test agreement and I did not recieve an email. Can someone please look into this?


I just sent one out about 10 minutes ago and it went through. Maybe you can give it another shot…maybe it’s ending up in your spam or bulk folder. Good luck.

I just went into my junk mail and didn’t find anything. When I go to my website and plug my test email address into the “View your inspection agreement” box, the agreement comes up. Did not receive an email though.

I have mine on disk and on my desktop and just send it as an email attachment. I figured I would just cut out the middleman. Works great and I have an automatic copy in my sent file. If it doesn’t get delivered I get a bounce notice so I know immediately if it goes off into the ozone.

Did you let the online system automatically send it out for you? I’m sure you already know but once you save the agreement it pops up the window showing you what the email will look like and asks if you would like it to be automatically sent. You have to click the “Yes, thanks” button or it doesn’t go out via email.

Yup…Done all of that. I use the system all the time. This is the first time I have had a problem with it.

Doug, could you explain to me how this works. I occasionally have an email that apparently goes of into the same ozone.


Whoa! You want me to explain how a computer and emails work? It is freaking magic man. If I send an email and it can not be delivered, I get an email back from the big computer in the sky telling me they could not deliver my email. Sometimes is even tells me the receiver’s mail box is full. I do not even pretend to understand how it works, I just know it does. I wish I could explain it.

LOL…no problem…I figured they go into the persons spam folder when I don’t get a response like you describe anyway.

The system is not sending out emails or recognizing the final check box saying that they have completely read everything. I have tried several test agreements, accessed them from my website log-in box, and completed them. The system is not recognizing the final check box that says they have read everything. When you log in to view the agreement after it has been signed, it says it still is waiting for confirmation.

Well, you jinxed me. I’m having this same issue today. I sent out another 2 agreements today. Both are “waiting for confirmation” and not recognizing when the check box has been checked. Whoever looks into these things, please look into this. Thanks in advance.

Thanks. That was very quick. Not one minute after I posted the previous message, I received confirmation via email. This is after 2 hours of “waiting for confirmation”. Coincidence?! Hmmmmm.

Was fixed this afternoon when I got home from an inspection. Don’t know what happened, but I got an email from Nick last night sickiing Chris on the problem. Guess he found it and fixed it.

I just received about 8 messages all at once to my email inbox informing me that my agreements had been confirmed…these were a compilation of ones I was waiting for the last three days. I guess whatever happened is working.

“Waiting for Confirmation” doesn’t refer to the last checkbox. Signing an agreement is a two step process: first, the client initials the paragraph and checks the box. Our system sends an email to his address with a confirmation code, to ensure that it’s him signing it. When the client returns to the agreement and enters the code, then you’ll get the confirmation email and it will show as “signed” in your agreement list.

The Tim Meister, workin’ on a Sunday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Larry, this has been the clearest explanation of how it works. Go HERE.

I mean if a Senator from the Great State of Alaska can understand it, why can’t you? :mrgreen:

Thanks…I just have to find the right tube then?