Online Agreements

I have recently started utilizing the online agreement and have a few questions or possible requests. #1-The form will not accept more than one client email or more than one “Other” email to cc.
#2-Is there or can there be a way to change the Subject line when client receives the agreement other than interNACHI as the first word(s). I have recieved comments saying they did not recognize it and delete it but if my company name was first then they are more likely to recognize the importance sense we have already spoken?
Thanks in advance.


  1. It’s only set up for two addresses right now - you can just email anyone else who needs to look at it. Are you often sending the agreement to a larger group?

  2. I can tweak the subject line - how would you like it to read? Right now it looks like this: “[InterNACHI] Agreement between InterNACHI IT Support and Timothy Eaton”. What would be a better wording?


Thanks Tim, Yes, sometimes I get Husband and wife emails so I naturally would like either one to access it asap. I will sometimes also cc the realtor so they are aware it needs to be taken care of. Most of my network knows I will not send report without agreement signed.
SUbject line: Maybe my company name (Skinners Inspections) or Inspection agreement between Skinners Inspection and … Or even URGENT: Inspection Agreement between …
Simply some way of bringing the email to their attention. It would be nice if we had a way to add a quick note to remind them how important it is to complete the agreement. Again, Thank You

Hi - I’ve removed the [INTERNACHI] from the subject line, and I’ll see if I can get our writers to come up with a more urgent message. As for adding emails - just send the email manually for now and we’ll try to put extra email boxes in the next update.


Thanks Tim!

Thanks Tim