Online E-Mail Newsletter Marketing class

The topic of our April free onlineclass was using e-mail newsletters as a marketing tool. We covered a lot of stuff in two hours, too much to try to remember it all. I recorded a video walk-through of setting up a newsletter campaign using GetResponse (I prefer AWeber over GetResponse but they all work basically the same way). Maybe I’ll do another one specifically for AWeber when I have time and if there is enough interest.

The video is approximately 55 minutes. If you have not yet participated in the free online class, you can get the meat of it from the video. I’ll repeat the class again soon.

I will probably do two more videos to go along with the class. One will show how to set up a sign-up form and install it on a website. The other will be how to compose and send the actual newsletters.

If there is anything in the video that is not clear, please let me know. I’ll either post answers to questions on the website or collect them all and send out an e-mail.

Links to the video and a related E-mail Newsletter article are posted in the Education Center at BestInspectors.Net.

Here is a link to the Education Center: