Online Information Database for Mechanical Systems

Hi all,

During my home inspections I find that I spend a bit of time deciphering data and determining age, and other information. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a system where you can enter a bit of information (such as a model number or serial number) and POOF >>> you get all the information you need about the system? Technical specifications, age, recalls, etc.?

I put together a short survey (10 questions) to get everyone’s input on this topic. If the feedback is favorable, then maybe in the not-so-distant future, it may be a dream no more! I would appreciate it if everyone could take 2 minutes or less to provide me with some feedback. The survey can be found at


That would be called ReCallCheck…already been done Haniel.

Yea, there is generation ONE of recall check. I am working on generation II. Better, immediate results and much cheaper. I think its too expensive for what you get. Just my 2 cents.

Why does not NACHI provide this since we are in constant contact ?
Could be a great member benefit rather than overpriced outside service.

Details to come Bob…

I do my recall checks through My main concern is getting serial number information off of units such as the water heater, furnace or a/c unit to determine the age of the item itself. It would be nice to have an online option for this. There used to be one but for some reason I cannot get to it anymore.