Online inspection software

What options are there for online only inspection software. I’m looking for a browser based solution. No software installation to the device required.


Yeah, that’s the only one I’ve found. However, $1000/year is absurd.

Where you getting 1,000 a year from? Unless you are that busy…like 20 Inspections a month?

it’s like $4 or $5 an inspection, isnt it?


I generate at least 20 reports per month. I don’t do home inspections but home inspection software works perfectly for what I do.

I agree that Reporthost is a great alternative.
They update and maintain the site on a regular basis and are the template of a lot of other software that is offered. The narratives are excellent and to the point. No complaints.

So Reporthost is it huh? Every other option is PC/Android/iOS based?

Kevin you are more advanced than most so why are you asking such a layman question ?
Just get HIP and be done with it or get Horizon.

If you need cheap create a Google Docs presentation or PDF master template.

Does HIP work on a Chromebook? Nope. I don’t necessarily need cheap but $1000/year is ridiculous. I’ll check out Horizon.

My company uses Windows, Chrome OS, Android and possibly iOS/OSX in the future. I’m trying to find reporting software that is browser based so it works across all device platforms and also syncs between them. I know HomeGauge and HIP have Android and iOS versions now but none of them have Chrome OS support. I’m actually considering dumping the bulky, weighted P.O.S. Windows and go full Chrome OS with Chromeboxes. The only thing holding me back right now is my reporting software. I have 100% of my company online except for that. Hence, the point of me starting this thread.

Chrome OS operates Android natively.
HIP has a merge feature that allows you to combine or merge all inspections no matter what you are running.
HG can not even get the ios to function on mobile while HIP has been doing it for a long time with many members using ipads.

HIP is less expensive than any mentioned here unless you have extreme low business volume which is a issue in itself.

$1000 a year is fair to me. If you want cheap stand alone software, its out there for as little as $150.00

I’d build my own system if I were you and put it on the cloud. Unless you count your time as valuable, then buying a pre made solution is the way to go.

I would just Google Home inspection software cloud based and see what pops up as the guys here seem comfortable with HIP and Report Host.

That’s not correct. Google has this in the pipes but it doesn’t currently.

Can you expand on that more? How would that enable me to edit reports on a Chromebook?

That’s dandy. Doesn’t help me out though.

I’d purchase HIP in a heartbeat if it met my qualifications. Can I create a report on my windows 8 tablet then edit it on my Chromebook?

I don’t need cheap. Just fair and something I deem a good value for what it is. $1000/year to produce reports is not a good value considering something like HIP is a low, one-time fee.

I did a web search first. Then decided to ask the pros here.

There’s only one person that can answer that question concerning HIP, Dom, and he has yet to chime in here.

I hope all is going well for you Kevin,

I don’t know of an answer to your question but you may consider contacting a few inspection software companies directly.

I use 3D and it of coarse is on the cloud, whether or not it’s compatible with your chromebook would be something I would think only they could answer.

Or let me know & I’ll be happy to submit a ticket and ask them directly myself and then get back to you, just post the exact question you would like answered.

Chromebook only loads websites. Google IS planning on having it run Android apps soon though so it would run HIP Mobile. Check out

Remember with a browser based solution you MUST have Internet at all times. No Internet, no inspection report.

Good post Dom. :smiley:

Gosh I thought Chrome OS already had android access.
Not sure why I would want a chromebook in that case as we already went through a tortured netbook craze.

ReportHost is browser based (I use SILK on my Kindle). No Internet required at the inspection. Works on anything with a browser. HTML 5 I believe.

You have to preload while you do have internet, but after that, it’s not required.


Does 3D connect to the cloud or is it browser based?

Chrome OS has many offline apps. If I were to purchase HIP when Google implements Android app functionality, would I not be able to input data offline and have it sync when it connects? This would be a very rare occurrence as my Chromebook has 4G.