Online IR Courses?

The Snellgroup offers online courses for IR training. I’ve completed the InterNachi IR course, but want to be significantly more well versed.

Two courses from Snell grab my attention. 1. Infrared for Building Inspections and 2. Level 1 Thermographic Applications.

Does anyone have experience with either of these, or any online courses and can offer a review or recommendation?


IMO, Snell created the…

…course as an answer to the growing populace of inspectors that feel they only need a minimum of knowledge in IR to perform IR in an in-home inspection atmosphere, (aka. too cheap or lazy to get proper IR training). I’ve been told it is a bare bones introductory course to get you through a home without winding up in court!

As for the…

…course, it is the Base Standard for Thermal Imaging accepted Nationwide (Worldwide?). If you ever decide to get into more complex residential IR evaluations, or Commercial/Industrial system IR inspections, this is the bare minimum requirement, and often times Level II is required.

Snell has been around for a long time. For what that is worth. Then ITC Flir, and Infraspection. Can you get support from the trainer beyond the course you took?

I would consider a training program that through the process, you can go all the way to the top (not that you will). Because not all trainers will except someone else’s Lvl I when you want to take Lvl II. Money wasted.

Lvl I - III is a “progression”, not something new. It teaches you more of what you don’t know from Lvl I.

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Thanks for the info. I haven’t taken any courses other than the 5hr InterNachi course. I’m not looking to do the bare minimum, and willing to invest in the education. I’m just looking for a viable option that allows to take an online course, that I can do at my own pace.

Appreciate the feedback. I’m willing to go through all the necessary levels to be proficient. I may go with Infrared for Building Inspections so I can get started at a low level, and then take Level 1 and up to get more proficient.


Thanks, Jeff! I’ve already begun the Level 1 course through Infraspection. Their customer service so far has been incredible. I took delivery of a FLIR E8xt, today, and I’m excited to get going.



D’Arcy, you will be happy with your choice, I believe.

I believe you. I spent over an hour with a gentleman named, Jim, talking about the course, the business opportunities, things to be aware of. Very generous with his time with me.

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I’m happy for you! :grin: