Online promotional videos. Tips for inspectors.

One of your best posts this year Nick.
Not sure about the green screen (green shirt) advice however as I doubt us normal inspectors have that studio of yours.

Gonna save this post as great inspiration.

My theory is that unless you are a big time franchise you are in the business of selling yourself and this can be done through introducing your person or your business so if you are not good on camera then focus the camera on what you see and use a voice over if needed but either way you can use video.

Personally I hope to age slow enough to get around to using all the great new tech out there.

Did one off the cuff one day and never did another so maybe you just inspired me a little… (that is a brand new site just started.)

Good stuff, I kind of agree with Bob as I will not likely have the use of a green screen, but then again, I have not considered a video at all until recently. Better safe on this one, I’ll avoid green clothes anyway.