Online scheduling with "Scheduleze"

Everyday, more and more inspectors are realizing that online scheduling is the answer to simplifying life in very complicated times. We have seen recent comments like, “My wife had to go back to work, so the scheduler is perfect for me”. Or, “I had to let my office worker go…”

Scheduleze now offers FREE “LIVE SETUP” which allows you to see your personal setup input into your Admin Suite. This is the fastest and most convenient way to see how easy is it to use Scheduleze.

All setup fees are waived and the service is only $60 per month. Sure beats the cost of missing one inspection due to a missed phone call. Bottomline: You can’t afford to miss one single opportunity.

No website required!!! If you don’t want to pay the fees associated with developing/maintaining/hosting a website, we offer a FREE mini-website that contains your company info and direct access to your schedule. You still have all the benefits of full Admin Suite features to manage your schedule and a personal website address for folks to find you.

Scheduleze is five years strong and here to stay. Ease of use and time savings in the key. Most inspections can be booked by realtors and clients in seconds, usually with 7 mouse clicks or less. No user name and password generation for your clients, yet each client still has secure access to access an already booked appointment. These are just a few of the time saving features Scheduleze has to offer. Check us out today… or call me directly at 907.223.4958

Richard Renk

Other comments by recent subscribers are:
“Really wish I had signed up for this awhile ago”.
“This thing kicks a@@.”
“It’s perfect”

Any INACHI Members use this service???

Gary from is. I worked with Rich to set it up on his site a few days ago.

Well “Gary” how do you like it?

Lol, sorry it’s Gary Williams. Not sure if I’ve seen him on the board often. You can email him, his contact info is on the site. He just put it on last week though so not sure how much he can say yet. I do know the guys at scheduleze worked quickly to update the page so it would integrate into the site nicely.

I’ve been using Scheduleze for a couple of years and I really like it. The hardest thing is getting the realtor’s to use it, or to tell their clients to use it. Tends to be the younger, more internet-savvy clients who use it and they absolutely love it.

I put a message on my answer phone basically saying, sorry I missed you, but if you want to see if I am available please go to … then I give them my website address, which is fairly easy to remember.

There is also a link on my site, so if you want to see what it looks like go to:

No, I have never heard of it. I use a calender book that I can take with me on the job and my office phone is call forwarded to my cell. That way I never miss a call and do not have someone who either does not know anything about my business taking calls for me or who can not make a snap decision if needed. I like to talk to the customers myself so when I get one who makes my gut check kick in I can send them to my competition. Cost for one plastic jacket calender …$1 a year.

I have used Scheduleze before and it works good. The service was responsive and so was the staff. If all you want is scheduling I would definitely check it out. I would also check out the inspection support network ( if you are looking for a comprehensive scheduling AND business management systems for inspection companies.

Since I have been using this system, it has removed a lot of stress from me. I will be inside an attic space and my phone will receive a text message informing me that someone has scheduled an inspection for me, and with all the possible details you can imagine. I do not have to call back to confirm the details or get any more information. My Termite Inspector also gets an automated e-mail sent to him with all the details. The system works very effectively, and I would recommend this to any busy inspection company. Check out my web-site to see what the system looks like.

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