Online virtual drive

Years and years ago, wow I’m old, I used Xdrive as a virtual drive. It sat in “My Computer” folder like a real disk drive, but was hosted on a server on the web. I was wondering, since XDrive is gone if anyone can tell me about any virtual online drive services they use. Recommend, or tell me to avoid.



Why don’t you want to use an external backup drive?

They all kinda suck, but there are many free.
The newest is

It can be used on your phone or any pc.
They claim it to be cloud computing,yet nothing wil save all your software so why not just put software on a flash drive and docs on Google.
Pictures on Photo Bucket or Picasa.

These online services will all come and go though many here swear by one or another because they pay for it.

One pay service is carbonate,which lets you pay for the privilege.

A 500GB hard drive is dirt cheap and HUGE for most users. For about one year of a “pay for” service you can by an internal drive and for a few dollars more an external drive.

I archive files onto DVD too. For about 20 cents (if bought on sale), you can fit a great deal of material on a DVD, about 4.5 GB.


Online would be incase you are hitting library computers, but you could still look hip with a zip necklace.

Seriously use Google Docs if you can (depends on what you’re trying to save there). You can store all your Word Docs, Excel, etc and can access them from any computer. For anything else get an external drive like everyone has said. typically has the best prices.

Guess I missed something, I need an virtual drive on the web. It has to be accessible for group work efforts by many people in an shared work effort on a repository of files. Being like how XDrive operated, this virtual drive will just look like another drive on the team members My Computer file.

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You can set up a gmail account to store files or if you are running XP Pro, you can set up remote desktop access.


Try Ghost.

Google Docs can be shared and worked on by multiple people at the exact same time. I coordinate efforts with others using the tools and they’re awesome. You can even chat with other people editing the same document and roll back changes.

Here’s an external option…

Thomas, another option that may meet your needs, if Google Docs doesn’t interest you, is a new offering from Adobe. Look at . It seems to offer many of the features you are looking for, store documents, collaborate on them, hold online meetings, etc. It is not limited to just Adobe product files like pdf’s.

I just set up a free account and will play around with it.

**Update: **After using for a couple of days and comparing it to Google Docs I have to say I prefer Google. does has a spiffy user interface but viewing doc’s and editing them was not as intuitive with Acrobat as it is with Google. Google Doc’s better maintains the look & feel of the spreadsheets and office documents I’m more accustomed to, i.e. Excel, Word, etc.