Only 15 and 20 amp this normal

I jusr completed a new construction inspection today. While looking at the electrical panel, there were only 15 and 20 amp breakers. There are no appliances in the home yet, but the dryer and stove will be gas. There are two high efficiency HVAC units that are each on a 20 amp lines. Does this sound normal that everything is only on 15 or 20 amp. Haven’t seen this before.

Did you look at AC unit data plates to check what manufacturer max breaker was? Normally if the AC or heat pump data plate calls for a 35 or 40 amp breaker that’s what will be in main panel. I don’t ever see a 20 amp breaker on an HVAC unit. And I have never seen all 15 and 20 amp breakers, even in older homes. Anyone else?

I had a 15 amp 220 A/C breaker the other day. Checked the A/C plate and that is what it required. Was a smaller unit.

For high efficiency units and all gas I guess that this is possible. You would need to check the nameplates to be sure.

My sons condo in NJ has a 15 amp AC nameplate rating.

Thank you all for input.