Only in the good ole USA and Ca.

ROTHFLMAO :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I can not believe it.
An individual sells 2-300 inspectors a bogus title, collects 75-100 thousand $ for that title, runs with the money, and those same inspectors are begging for that same individual to come back so they can give him more $ss:roll: :roll: :roll:

I can see it now…
The Judge… Mr inspector, the client stated he hired you because you stated you were a certified master inspector, what documentation do you have proving that you qualified for this elite title.

The master inspector… I sent it to him your honor.

The Judge. Who’s him?

The master inspector… That guy over there in the 5,000 $ 3 PC suit and guchi shoes, He’s the same guy I paid 289.00 for my basic certification.

The individual that collected the 75-100 thousand $, along with millions of $s for another worthless certification from over 20,000 other inspectors.
Your honor. …I don’t know this guy, besides that, if he did sent me proof of anything I already destroyed it…:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Poor jealous Dan no body loves him so away he goes Just like the ever ready battery .
Some one put his batteries in backwards so he just keeps comming and comming and comming.
Dan do you use rechargeable batteries

Good morning Cookie… :slight_smile:
How was the fishing?
Rechargable batterys, you bet… The always] ever ready ones.
They recharge in just a few min, allowing me to be always ready for a good laugh:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The polite way of calling what you do is self abuse.
How are your eyes do you have to keep getting a new perscription for new glasses.