Only ONE more Day......

until this message board can get back to discussions on inspections (hopefully) :smiley:

I wouldn’t hold my breath, if I were you. Maybe January.

So true. There will be tons of post game analysis :roll:

I can hear the whining already. And the whining will never stop. Every move Obama makes will be criticized.

And this will be different from every other President, how?

That’s not what I meant, I don’t expect the election to be over by then, however, you’re right on that too.

You mean like Bush?

No difference. Just squashing the hopes that the political posts on this MB will miraculously stop.


John Kennedy was the “media darling” of his day, and the press was ever so nice to him after the election—for about six months.

Then, the honeymoon was over!

The press ripped him and heavily criticized his every move. It has been thus with every president, before and after, but I think Kennedy was vilified more than any president since his term. Of course, it was not totally without cause–his first year was a real mess.