Only the strong will survive!

Florida, 104.47761 inspectors per county. Total 7000 home inspectors to get work inspecting homes. Good luck guys only the strong will survive.

Wildebeest migration is one of the greatest migrations on earth, a migration for survival where only the strong will survive, a migration where millions of wildebeest (African Gnu) and other herbivorous animals, band together for survival against many predators; while trekking the open African wilderness in Masai mara national park and to Serengeti in search of greener pasture and ideal breading grounds.

I am not to sure I wish to be strong. This profession is getting less and less profitable by the day. The people in the profession are killing themselves with their actions and votes.

When 7000 people are offering the same thing what do you think happens to the price of that thing?

I purchased a blue light that Kmart uses for blue light specials. I’m going to start flashing it next week. Profits I don’t think so, not with 7000 inspectors they will be doing inspections for $50.00 soon.

Remember Mike you came here because people were complaining about your low prices. How a little time changes things.

Yes that is true but I did not want it to happen and I sure as hell did not contribute to it happening.

Ask the one who first complained if my prices were out of line with what he was being paid at the time? Hell, what you you charging at that time? Don Meyler etc…

I simply had less overhead than most in the business now there are 7000 instant geniuses that are as qualified as architects, engineers and General Contractors.

It is getting worse day by day because any Tom, Dick, or Harry is now qualified and most do not even run their businesses legitimately as I always try to do.

Our price has not changed. It will be going up for the new form though.

Within that one single comment highlighted above is where the fault lies.

That comment is in reference to insurance inspections which to the consumer 99% only care about price. No not an actual percent but probably pretty close.

Home inspections are a different animal I just personally do not like doing them very much. I have considered the team approach but I really do not want to deal with that many folks every day. I envision you guys meeting up piling into the trailer heading out and doing the days inspections as one big happy family.

Not my cup of tea. We all know I am not all that friendly :slight_smile: I have become a bit of a loner in my adult business life and the fewer folks I have to deal with the better I like it. I also do not enjoy large group dinners but hey that’s just me.

So Mike are you saying that you are not going to join us next weekend?

To the Joy of most I can say that I will not be joining you all.

I was actually referring to social settings with friends and family. I hate big get togethers at restaurants period.