Ontario Building Code Question

This is from the 2006 OBC:

** Support of Beams
(1) **Not less than a 190 mm depth of solid masonry shall be provided beneath beams supported on masonry.
**(2) **Where the beam referred to in Sentence (1) is supported below the top of the *foundation *walls, the ends of such beams
shall be protected from the weather.

Am I reading this wrong - 190 mm (7.5 inches) seems excessive. In the 1997 code it was 3.5 inches of bearing.

7.5 inches would almost take you through some foundation walls.

(1) they want a full block under the beam in a block wall…solid concrete under the beam in a poured wall.
(2) the ends are to be covered where (if) they jut past the outside of the foundation walls.

So where is the 3.5 inches of bearing now covered?

**[FONT=Arial,Bold][size=2] Bearing for Beams
[/size][/FONT]FONT=Arial,Bold **[/FONT][FONT=Arial]Beams shall have even and level bearing and shall have not less than 89 mm length of bearing at end supports, except as required in notes to Tables A-8 to A-11.

Thanks gents. That explains everything.:slight_smile: