Ontario Certified Master Inspectors

By my count there are 45 Ontario Certified Master Inspectors listed. I am curious as to how many have sent a letter to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs?

Some CMI’s are not InterNachi.
I can ask if you would like Bryce how many did for other Associations and you can add to the number.

Looks like three …
bjeffrey](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/bjeffrey/), kwood](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/kwood/), tsmith8](http://www.nachi.org/forum/users/tsmith8/) have posted on this pole.

As Seinfeld would say: “That’s a shame!”

Unfortunately there is no way to know how many CMI’s from Ontario have viewed, but not answered the poll. 92 views, but that is not an indication of Ontario CMI’s.

Bryce we could send this poll out to all the CMI’s via the Polling service OntarioACHI uses.

I can see if I can set you up as an admin to create such a poll, and then it keeps those that would say it was an issue of us taking control?

We could completely skin it to your needs.

Or maybe better still, Nick could do something from the MICB?

Just a thought.

I am waiting for a reply from the Watch Dog!

Everyone should have sent letters. Why rely on others? One of the biggest pitfalls of associations is member apathy.

Several letters have been sent by me.

What should the letter say? What is the Ministry’s address?

Kevin, didn’t you hear? The Dog ate his Watch and died. Poor animal.:stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately Yuri again has little information to add .

And pray tell what have you done to further the inspection profession cause?

How many letters have you written to MCS?

You strike me as an apathetic member that I described above.

Nick…The Ministry of Consumer Services has an email address set up for questions/submissions regarding the licensing issue. It’s homeinspectors@ontario.ca Contact persons are Aimee Skelton and Ben Valido.

The mailing address is:
Ministry of Consumer Services
Policy & Consumer Protection Services Division
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2J3

Ray, did you ask the same question your friend Roy?:wink:


YURI why don’t you ask me this question if you want that information.
If you read this forum more you should know the answer.

YURI why do you evade Ray’s question
Why not tell us all so we can see what you have done for this industry???

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Sorry fellas but you are hijacking a serious thread!

Getting back on track. Bryce, or Dave, as you appear to have written the most letters, would you inform Nick what you feel needs to be said WRT the CMI and it’s importance to the issues facing us here in Ontario? Chris Walsh has given him the relevant addresses.

I think you are a wrong if you think Nick means the basement floor. He is referring to the top over the “Watch Dog” himself as he has to answer to the Highest portion of the Government.
Nick already is in contact with them along with Ben.
Nicks letter needs to go to the Tip top, Kathleen Wynn to inform her what to watch for in a respected way to best implement Licensing in Ontario since it is being forced on Home Inspectors.
I could be wrong and will allow Nick to fill in the gaps.

Got my answer back today. Most of the letters have been from concerned Home Inspectors and no Association has been attached ie CMI ect. They have all been compiled, reviewed,summarized and will be discussed with the group selected for the panel.