Ontario City or Town Licences

Barrie Ontario has now started to require and issue licences for HI.
Cost is $100 plus prove a Liability policy of $2,000,000 and have a police background check.
While this is more of a pain in the butt situation, there is always the ripple efffect.
Now that they have started it, the next town to address this on the upcoming meeting of council is Wasaga Beach.
Once this situation gets rolling, soon all towns will require HI’s to be licenced.
Just imagine that you try to work in about six or eight nearby towns, the extra cost as well as the confusion of getting a licence for everyone of them.

Blame Pencil Neck Dalton McGuinty for allowing municipalities greater control.

Insurers will not write a CGL without E&O and vice versa. It doesn’t prevent bad inspectors, and it will not make better inspectors. Its a tax grabbed designed in order to ensure you as a business can be found if something goes wrong and the client can collect the insurance if you damage something.

If all Inspectors refuse to get licenses then it will die .
But this will never happen .
There are too many bottom feeders some who inspect for $99:00 .
They figure it will only be better for them.
You need to get the real estate on your side as they could be next .
stop It now .
Roy Cooke

Go to the Council meetings, and speak to your municipal councilor. Inspectors are good at being apathetic.

I have called on the concilor for ward 10, to get back to me on this issue.

I told him that this by-law was just a money grab and a way to show concil that "Barrie means business’.

If you look at the contractor license its eactly the same. Except for the name “Contractor” has been replaced by “Home and Property inspector.”

I also told him that we are different where a contarctor will take 1/3 up front of a 50000.00 Reno and run off what do we get 300$ when the job is complete. I am following up to get this quashed if possible as it doens’t really serve the public, it just serves the COB as a cash grab and forces HI to not only have E&O but CGL.

I will go in front of council if need be and state the case. If I do. I will let everyone here know so they can attend and show support.


There is better political pressure if you get a group of inspectors who reside in this jurisdiction to voice their concerns. If you go in front of council take some like minded inspectors with you.

Are you sure you can get 2 million liability coverage without E&O? I am hearing that even if you can get CGL it is very costly?

Licence?..We don’t need no stinking Licence! :cool:

Hi, Raymond. I can get it through State Farm as an add on. But I have to prove E&O. Its not expensive 425$ for the year.


It would be interesting to ask council to prove home inspectors have a bad complaint record compared to other trades, such as renevators, et al. I bet no complaints about home inspections or very few as they come under the jurisdiction of their associations.


Actually one councilor put this into motion last October during a meeting and had all 3 readings pushed through in the same meeting!
OAHI ( no digs please) said they would look into it and meet with the councilor to find out who really peed in his cornflakes that day. Last meeting they were still going to talk to him… five months too late.
It is obviously a money grab and Wasaga Beach is next.
All small towns out in Saskatchewan do this to raise money for the town coffers.
As for insurance, it was easy to get the extra coverage for general liability. I just told my broker and he set it up different from E/O.
Still $800 more that I have to earn this year.

The motto of the story is don’t rely on OAHI to do what you must do for yourself. (the Devil made me say it) :wink:

In Edmonton we have had a business tax and a business licence for many years. The Chamber of commerence has been fighting it since insheption.
The business licence is 150.00 and the tax is the assessed value of the property you use for your business. If you do not pay they add it to the property tax and if you do not pay that they can take your property and sell it for back taxes.
Like they say the only sure thing is death and taxes.

And if you don’t own, but rent? Or your house is undersomeone elses name?

Whats the penalty? Will they take you to court just because you don’t have a licence?

Sh it, we have a bunch of people running around with guns shooting people, they get arrested and out on bail only to go and shoot someone else. What is wrong with this picture? They are worried about inspectors? HELLO! Welcome to Canada where the honest hardworking citizens are penalized and the criminals given the kidd glove treatment!