Ontario Insurance CO

They are out of Toronto.


401 The West Mall, Suite 700
Toronto, ON M9C 5J5

How about this one


They are based out of Markham

Sounds interesting! Hopefully they won’t just sell a lot of insurance and just take the money and run…

Your post seems to only help the person who calls them directly. We need more information.

Or this one


They are based out of Hamilton

Please look in previous post above:

Sounds interesting! Hopefully they won’t just sell a lot of insurance and just take the money and run…

Your post seems to only help the person who calls them directly. We need more information.

As a home inspector I don’t have a crystal ball. It’s virtually impossible to tell what someone is going to do in the future. And as they are frequently saying in the financial sector “Past results do not guarantee future performance”. It’s a crap shoot.

Thanks guys nice to see you post some Information .

Sad you have too follow me and do not post info and ideas on your own.

Please keep helping there are many on this board who appreciate having their questions answered .

Why are you attacking me for posting?

***"never argue with an idiot, they just bring you down to their level and beat you with experience ***

I’m not arguing with you,

I’m asking a very valid question, one which you seem to ask of others frequently, but obviously not prepared to answer.

No, no… Au contraire mon frère!

This subject was posted by another Inspector in the members only section where you spent a few posts criticizing.

Where is the missing information you complained about?

We are certainly not following you but why are you attacking us for our opinions?

Have fun guys ,you might do better trying to help and improve this industry .

I seldom see you helping others to bad I am sure you can add some good ideas and Information .

You still haven’t answered the question. Why did you attack me for posting what could be considered as good information?

Having fun here!

As mentioned previously, we don’t report to you or your buddy. But still waiting for the answer: Why did you attack because we posted in the thread?

Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Please don’t injure yourself falling off your horse.

Why be factious it does not help the industry .


Glad you’re looking in the mirror asking this question.

Once again: If you’re still unclear about it, go back and visit your posts for the past weeks and how YOU attacked and were unprofessional to many. Then, go back and take a look where YOU tried to restart an old thread to cause trouble.

If you still need clarification we can ask other colleagues to join in and pull out examples?

If you prefer to play nice and professional, we can certainly achieve a lot more.

As a final point, you still owe Len an apology!


The links are not working.


Quick English lessons for you.

  1. Just because one doesn’t agree with someone else, doesn’t mean they are factious.
  2. When a law or rule is made, and one dissents from it then they can be accused of being factious.
  3. When someone posts something frivolous, non-essential or amusing, as in a comment such as you’ve just made, with links that don’t go anywhere, then they can be considered facetious. (<-- Notice the different spelling)
  4. When someone is readily angered, peevish, irritable or quarrelsome one can be considered fractious (<-- Notice different spelling)

As you have seemed to have progressed from the words, Bunk (which you frequently incorrectly use) and the word Bump (which I’m sure from your use you haven’t got a clue to its meaning in the context you use it) to factious, then could I request that:a: You use it correctly
b: You use it validly
c: You use it when the conditions warrant it
And above all, before you use such derogatory terms, yet again attacking instead of apologising for your original, unwarranted onslaught, then expect to have someone who is way more intelligent than you fire something back!

This the insurance provider for this thread: