Ontario Licensed Home Inspector domain names for sale





$2,000 for 1
$3,000 for 2
$3,500 for 3
$4,000 for all 4

Email info@aciss.ca

So your the guy that beat me to the punch! : D

I hope those amounts are in Mexican pesos cause they sure aren’t worth anywhere near that amount in either Canadian or US dollars. :roll:

Just got back from Cuba. The Cuban peso is tied to the US$!

Clarified the original post… Hope you enjoyed yourself.

They are worth something, especially once licensing goes through.
If an inspector wants to get the edge then a great website and domain name is a great start.

$2000 = 4 inspections now = 2 inspections when licensing is in place! I hope.


And you paid that much for them? Or are you now trying to make money off your Colleagues??



Good for you Allan ,I expect it will work out well for you .
I had some great web sites and just let them go .
Sure wish I had them now .

Not worth the 9.95 he paid for them. Can’t see any client looking for " Ontario home inspector " as its (if I remember Bobby Gimby right) a thousand miles each way. they will type in their area and home inspector. Once licensing is in place they will assume all home inspectors that come up will be licensed. When is the last time you thought of typing in a search for licensed auto mechanic.

I agree with Bruce. If client needs inspector in Toronto he is searching for inspector in Toronto, not Ontario.

I ran the whois some time ago…yes domains were and still are for sale $0.99 source Go Daddy

Me too. Had a great time in Cayo Coco

Exchange rate was an incredible 30 +% at the resort and Cadeca (bank)