Ontario one of NACHI's strongest markets per capita.


How does one confirm these numbers?


Nick, I think that there is a big mistake on the list you supplied under the above link. I believe that both rovers now on **Mars **are registerred N.A.C.H.I. inspectors. That would make Mars the most penetrated market for N.A.C.H.I. wouldn’t it?

This can be confirmed with N.A.S.A. of course.:mrgreen:

You can probably start by counting, by hand, all of the people who are presently physically located in Ontario.

I would suggest, instead of going back and starting over to see exactyly how many of them are members of NACHI, that during your first count…you inquire as to their membership. This will save you some time.:wink:

I know some who have not renewed but are listed as members. Hmmmmm?

That’s okay. There are probably residents of Ontario who have died or moved since the headcount, as well. Percentages are probably the same.:wink:

Hi James,

Well why are dead people listed then?

If they have moved and not renewed why are they still being shown as members?

If they are past the deadline for renewal why are they being listed?

The Corporations Act is very specific about upto date membership lists at least in Ontario fwiw.

Our membership department tells me that not all the members who die call in from the afterworld to let us know.

Does that include “dismembered” members too? :slight_smile: