Ontario PDI Process, Need some help.

Can any Ontario inspector please provide a brief process description of how they perform a PDI inspection.

Does the home builder rep complete the PDI form, it sounds that way on the form itself.

I assumed I would complete an inspection as normal and go over the PDI and help complete that form for the client.

Any help would be great, got one scheduled for tomorrow!


Frankly I am surprised you will be allowed to perform a PDI inspection prior to the homeowner taking possesion. Approach the inspection the same way you would any other. I use the same reporting software and indicate the type of inspection you are doing. You may be surprised at the issues you note that are not brought up in the PDI report. The builder rep will try to downplay all the minor issues and it is your job to bring these to the fore. The issue here is to have all the deficiencies documented and then the builder will have to address them.I truly doubt you will be allowed to perform the inspection until the builder signs off on his PDI. Good luck.

I did one 4 weeks ago .
How I handled it was to play soft and kissy kissy,
Remember this home still belongs to the builder and he does not have to let you be there.
I told my client this would be just a basic walk through and that I would be back before the 30 days was up to do a full inspection when she owned the home
In the walk through I found Garage door no self closer, a screw sticking up through the hand rail, a bad trip hazard in the flood joints ,a bad GFCI.
No propain tank installed yet. All down spouts drooped water at foundation
This was all noted by the builder.
Just did the 3 days before the 30 day , They must get this information to the Builder before thirty days or it could be left till the one year . Do not be late on the thirty day or the one year .
This time more serious testing . Found no fan in fire place one Bracket missing in Hand rail ,Floor trip had not been done attic entrance had no barrier, opened door and down came about a bushel or more of insulation . ( Owner burned out her vacuum when cleaning up the insulation she got a scarf caught)
water tempering valve was faulty could not get the water above 112 degrees Tank temp was 155, Down spouts still drop water at foundation,
Actually it was a very well built home with no serious defects , Insulation all over me and the floor made me unhappy Had a drop sheet it was usuless for that much Cellulose

Roy Cooke sr.